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Dog Rescue



We offer the service of matchmaking YOU to your ideal new RESCUE DOG. It's a unique and boutique kind of service. We call your perfectly matched dog your "SoulPlayMate". They are our loyal play-mates, as well as our beloved soul-mates. And we'll help you find yours!

To date our little but mighty team has helped dozens of dogs who we've found at the shelter, fostered in our home (with our marvelous pack), fully rehabilitated, and matched to a fabulous forever family. So many success stories! Testimonials to come. 


1) First, we meet and I learn from you the kind of dog that you’re looking for and best suits your life. We take into consideration many aspects of your lifestyle and your Ayurvedic "dosha" - your mind/body constitution. Together, we determine who we're looking for. 

2) Then, I search the local animal shelters to find your SoulPlayMate =  a perfectly well-matched dog for you.

3) Once your potential SoulPlayMate dog is found, we foster the dog for a month (or what period of time is determined best) as they experience our "rebalancing rehab" process. 

4) You chose to adopt your SoulPlayMate and they transfer over to your home with the an entire set-up and specific guidance to adapt to your home quickly, smoothly and happily.

The reason we do this is because shelters are loud, sad, smelly, confusing places to be. These distractions can make it very difficult for prospective pet-parents to determine what shelter dog would be best for them and their family. We help make the important selection process easier and more meaningful.

When matchmaking, we take into account your fundamental wants (ie; breed, size, sex, age, etc.) with equal importance put on lifestyle, mind/body constitution {dosha}, activity level, family dynamics, personality type, etc. We believe an ideal match generates a balance between both beings, which promotes a lifetime of happiness together.

During the foster period, your SoulPlayMate will receive our "rebalancing rehab" process:

  • Fully vaccinated and vetted
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Microchipped
  • Health make-over with natural healing techniques** 
  • Family-ready
  • House-broken
  • Crate-trained
  • Groomed / nails trimmed
  • De-flead
  • Parasite-free
  • Trained on all the basics (house manners/furniture, leash, riding in cars, bathing/grooming, general commands, etc)
  • Understood for any behavioral tendencies, preferences, dislikes.

*To include customized supplement regiment, home-cooked meals, aromatherapy, flower essences, Reiki, dosha balancing and more.

Let us help find YOUR perfectly matched canine companion.... your SoulPlayMate awaits!  Both your life and theirs are sure to brighten with laughter and love.                     

Patience is required with our service as we only foster 1-2 dogs at one time.
Our adoption fees are comparable/standard to other dog rescue organizations. Our only intention with our specialization is to assure the "perfect fit" for each rescue dog in each particular family, to guarantee their life-long bond and union.