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Sama Dog


Our mission is to provide education and services to help dogs, via their human companions, to foster and maintain balance, or “Sama,” in body, mind and spirit.


The state of Sama promotes optimum physical and mental health, positive behavior and an expanded human-canine relationship. Our approach is inspired by the timeless holistic healing system of Ayurveda.

  • Sama (Sanskrit) = balance/equanimity
  • Ayurveda (Sanskrit) = the science/wisdom of life; living in tune with nature

Our vision is to inspire a culture of human companions who understand and implement a whole-being, soulful approach to promoting the wellbeing of dogs. Ultimately, the balance and wellbeing of dogs and their humans is a mutual experience. In learning to better care for the dogs who share their lives, humans can and will learn to better care for themselves. Our hope is to foster a deeper bond of respect and a higher level of care that ultimately expands beyond man’s best friend, rippling out to encompass all animals, all around the world.

Our approach is based on traditional teachings from the East, namely Ayurveda, integrated with a multitude of other holistic, natural and spiritual practices. We recognize dogs as our soulful companions, and shine a spotlight on the mutual impact dogs and humans have on each other’s lives, health and overall wellbeing.

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