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SoulPlayMates & Amanda In the Press

    Dogster: April 2016




Ayurveda Goes to the Dogs

"For the past decade, teaching people about health using traditional Ayurvedic (classic Indian medicine) techniques and philosophy has been Amanda Ringnalda's bread and butter as well as her heart's desire. But Amanda... hasn't restricted her efforts to human clients.

...Ever since the family Sheltie saved her from drowning in the pool when she was 3 years old, Amanda's life has been consumed by helping both dogs and people..."

    LA Yoga: March 2016


Spirituality & Health: Jan/Feb 2016



Ayurveda for Dogs

"The wellbeing of our dog or companion animal is often a direct reflection of our own wellbeing. 

Natural healing practices and lifestyle can make all the difference to our human body, mind and spirit, so why would our dogs be any different? With easy steps and a little effort we can promote a positive shift in our pet’s physical and mental health..."





"As a lead educator at the Chopra Center and a certified Vedic Master, Amanda uses Ayurveda to support vibrant health, balance, and well being of dogs through her Ayurveda for Dogs classes. She also founded a non-profit organization called SoulPlayMates, which focuses on the wellbeing of our canine companions, through education, dog rescue, and animal advocacy."