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First blog post in 40 years (so... ever)


First blog post in 40 years (so... ever)

Amanda Ringnalda

40 years young today and it feels pretty awesome. To be in nature’s abundance, with very special friends, and my beloved Nene by my side. Bliss.

We're here at Asilomar Conference Grounds in Monterey Bay, California to guide our 5th annual silent retreat with the Chopra Center. I’ve come to notice, each year, how this retreat marks an important turning point in my life. I feel it within my soul… each year totally unique… a page into the new chapter.

As this one begins, I’m feeling more comfortable, content and fulfilled than ever before. I’ve let go of some deep layers of conditioning, limiting beliefs, and that internal notion of trying to get “somewhere”. To do “something”. In order to feel “some way”.

There’s no place like Home.

I’ve learned to live in the only place that matters; Now.
Immerse in the only thing that matters; Love.
And spend as much time doing the only act that matters; Service.

Let me be a vessel.

My wish, for the rest of this life, in this particular 'outfit', is to Surrender. It took me a few decades to understand what that really meant, but now I get it, and I’m ready.

May I continue to be useful. Perhaps more than ever before.
May I practice listening more than speaking, and with that knowledge, speak to add value.
May my inner critic become quieter while my inner truths become louder.
May I help many humans to “see” Spirit within the eyes, heart and bodies of animals. For this connection alone could change the planet as we know it.
May I absorb the beauty, privilege, significance and grace within every moment, by simply being present.

What lies ahead…

As many of you know, our dog rescue SoulPlayMates is now officially a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We help families find their perfectly-matched rescue dog and make sure that connection is incredibly special, successful and soulful. We have our next two SoulPlayMates clients ready to find their match.

This year, I’ve also been working on a new project that I’m extremely excited about. We’ll be launching a brand new dog-based company at the end of September '16. This company will focus on the educational side of my work: teaching wellbeing for dogs via classes & workshops, private consultations – and perhaps next year – the writing of a book and speaking engagements. I’m open to the many ways to share Ayurveda and Wellbeing for Dogs with the world.

I'll continue to work with my family at The Chopra Center as host, facilitator and teacher at many of the large events. Behind the scenes I'm still involved as well because I will forever support the profound work and hearts that create that magical place. The place of which I owe SO much gratitude and recognition for changing my entire life. 

If you’re inclined to contribute and support our dog rescue work with a tax-deductible donation, your funds would be put to great use and so appreciated. Every dollar counts. Honestly. They really mean that when they say it.

We now have a donation button on the website!

 If you’d like to say connected, you can sign-up for my mailing list here:

I'm whole-heartedly grateful to each of you beyond words. ESPECIALLY those who have read this far!! ;) But seriously. YOU guys are the ones. The ones who have believed in me, encouraged me, supported me, guided me and sometimes pushed me, to do this “dog thing”. Thank you.

I surrender to the possibilities.

In gratitude,